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Dining in the New Normal

If you're anything like us, you're probably itching to get back out in the world and enjoy some of your favorite meals at local hot spots.

Yes, the world is very different, but we want to help our neighborhood small businesses and restaurants make it in a post-COVID world.

We can't taste wine at the bar or pass a menu down to folks at the next table—or even greet our long-lost restaurateur pals with a smile or a hug.

But we CAN grab a loved one, book a table and enjoy dining al fresco thanks to local cities closing downtown streets for foot traffic only. This should have been in place ages ago if you ask us – long before COVID.

Finally, getting dressed in our “adult clothes” and hitting our favorite restaurant isn’t as stressful or scary when we bring along MasqueBrite™ by Hatbright.

He likes to wear the black one and lately I’ve been wearing my white one. Since passersby can’t see our smiles behind our masks, we’ve gotten a little creative and added some cute, catchy custom patches to our masks that we like to change each time we go out. Yes, you can do that too, just ask us how!

What are some of your favorite local restaurants? We love new (to us) spots. Comment below and let us know!


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