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Cars, concours and COVID, oh my!


Here at Hatbright—in addition to creating what is quite possibly the best bang-for-buck hat accessory the world has ever seen—we are ALSO car nerds to the core.

So it's been especiallly heartbreaking to hear about the cancellation of literally every car event, from casual weekend Cars & Coffee events to the big ones like Concorso Italiano, Pebble Beach Concours, and The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering on the Monterey Peninsula in California this year.

But with our launch of MasqueBrite™ by Hatbright (plus the loosening of restrictions on gatherings here in California), it's starting to look like we may be able to look forward to a quality—if abbreviated—season of virtual and socially distanced events.


We have a soft spot for air-cooled Porsche, 80's Ferraris like the 288 GTO, 308 QV, and Testarossa, and literally anything Lancia.

Are you a car nerd, too? Tell us about yours!

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  • Hearing that The Concours events were canceled was crushing, even though I saw it coming. My current obsession is my 1973 Ford Bronco. I am currently in the middle of working on its 5-star restoration. Not a Concours car, but once I’m done with it, it will definitely be a hot cars & coffee show truck. Love your product, man, I just bought another Hatbright and a couple of your masks.


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